How can I automatically regenerate my replit.nix file?

My automatically-generated replit.nix file was giving me an error so I deleted it, expecting that it would be automatically regenerated, but it wasn’t. I don’t want to figure out how to write my own replit.nix file, I just want it to work, since it seems to be something that replit is meant to handle for us by default. How can I get a fresh replit.nix file to be automatically regenerated?

I’m getting “/home/runner/probate/venv/bin/python: line 3: exec: : not found”

Hi @Mez , welcome to the forums!
Try downloading the replit.nix file from another repl of that same language, and upload it into your repl.

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The UI you are speaking of does not exist. Did you ask ghostwriter? Ghostwriter frequently hallucinates about Replit stuff.

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Just create a new file named replit.nix and it should restore


Thanks, that worked. I used


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