How can I add a favorite template?

I’m using mostly the Python 3.10 template but everytime I want to create a new Repl, it shows me the normal Python template.

Is it possible to define which template(s) I want to have as favorites ones ?
If it is automatic I don’t understand why I don’t have Python 3.10 as the first one because it is an official from Replit and I almost only use this one.


Yeah, there’s no way on how to put a template as favourite, I think it follows an algorithm. But, you can make a #feature-requests on this!

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You can! Go to the templates page (for example this one) and press the heart button on the top next to the run button.

Doesn’t work for me!

I am able to do it just fine. Are you pressing this button?

It doesn’t work for me, it hearts the template Repl but the template does not show up on my favorites or when creating a Repl unless searched for.

@not-ethan, yes I am!

Must of confused the two.

Same for me, the heart is ok but it doesn’t add this template on my favorites :frowning: too bad

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