How can a student who already has a replit login join a new team?


I am a teacher who is using replit to teach students to code.
Last year they created accounts and joined the class teams I had set up.

I have now created new Teams as the classes have been mixed up and want them to be able to join these with their original accounts.

When they click on the invite link because the team is for those under 13 it prompts them to create a new username and password.

Is there anyway around this at all?

I would also like to set up monthly challenges on Replit in a new team and send out an invite link to my students so that they can have a go at them. What would be the best way for them to do this?

Many thanks

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Hey @estaves!

You can update the invite link to allow users with existing accounts to join the team by using the team update-invite CLUI tool located here:

“Privacy” invite links, for students under 13, will force them to create an account with only a username and password and will not collect an email address or personal info. However, this will not allow students with existing accounts to join due to the nature of personal information for privacy users.

Changing the type of the invite link will allow users with existing accounts to join, but does not scrape the personal information such as email and other information from the account upon joining the team.