How best to use replit in the classroom

I’m interested in using the free version of replit in the classroom. How do I best have students share their python code with me as the instructor?

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Welcome to Ask! Since Teams for EDU is being deprecated, the best way I know of to do this would be for them to send you a multiplayer invite to the repl. That way, you can view their code, output, edit history, and more. When using Python Turtle with Console input, the workspace (which you’d have because of the invite) is the only way to view the Console and Turtle output window simultaneously (the cover page only shows the output window).

You can also use multiplayer for collaborative assignments. It’s a very useful feature.

The only thing you’d have to watch is the AI. You can disable it in settings, but that is per-account and you’d have to rely on the students’ integrity not to turn it on when you’re not looking. See this post for how to disable AI.