How are limits measured in replit? (e.g. How is the bandwidth 100GB limit counted, 100GB/month or?)

Hello world,

In the docs it says
that there are limits, but how are those limits calculated (Like bandwidth for example),
is it like per month? per year? per account? per repl?

What I mean is like the ‘payment period’, for example
in netlify the bandwidth is 100GB/month where as replit does not seem
to specify it from what I have read

Thanks for the answers in advance

Hey, @TruncatedDinosour welcome to the forums.

Hard limits on CPU and RAM per repl. Hard limit on storage per repl but a soft limit on storage per account. And I am not sure about the Concurrent Repls and Network bandwidth.

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Thanks for the welcome :smiley:

Thanks for specifying those, but it’d be nice to find out what is
the bandwidth period or whatever, I’ll keep looking and hoping someone
else who knows also finds this post, until then if I find anything I’ll update
y’all :slight_smile:

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Update 1

Concurrent Repls must be per account as
it only makes sense that only one account can run multiple repls at the
same time, but I got no idea about the Network bandwidth yet

Update 2

I made a blog post clearifying some stuff for lost users:
Also I made a comment explaining what I am looking for here,
scroll down to see it, any help is appreciated <3

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Even though I have been looking to find
how the bandwidth limited I cannot find
it no matter what, it’s extremely sad,
although if anyone knows or is willing to
dig more (although I think it’s hopeless at
this point) maybe we could find something?

Is there a way I could ask someone who
really would know? Because support never
replied to me so I’m just kinda just lost lol

Only if replit was open source… Haha

Anyway, does anyone know to whom I could
reach out to ask this question? or does anyone
know? :slight_smile:

It is a soft cap meaning its not enforced but you agree not to go over the limit.

Soft limits are consumable resources that you agree not to exceed.

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@not-ethan I am aware, but how, is it 100GB/month, 100GB/year, 100GB/account, etc.

My guess is that its 100GB/Month/Account. @IanAtReplit Do you know what it is?

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Interesting, it’s kinda my guess too, let’s see what ian will reply :slight_smile:

If ian doens’t know I’ll just add like ‘(unsure) 100GB/Month/Account’

Hi @TruncatedDinosour thanks for circling back to this query.

I’ll update you as soon as I can.

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Thanks! Will be waiting

Morning @TruncatedDinosour the limit is 100Gb STORAGE per organisation in Teams for Edu although as previously mentioned this is a soft limit. Hope this helps.

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