HOSTING WEB (Help with changing "entrypoint" on HTML template, having a custom domain and Google Analytics)

I need some help hosting a website on replit:

  1. How can I change the entrypoint? Change index.htmlfor another html file. The problem I’m having at the moment is that with index.html i can’t put a custom icon on the tab bar, if i use indexx.html i can.
  2. I need some help with customizing my domain. I know i need to “buy one”, but currently I’ve linked a noip domain and it redirects me to my url. I have some problems with this: 1) When it redirects, the domain that appears is the original, because I haven’t changed it, I’ve just redirected it. 2) On the “pen” net to the webview i get the following message: Currently, your domain is either not returning any records, or something is getting in the way of our verification process
  3. I’ve tried to configure google analytics, but I think I’m doing something wrong. Do you know any better alternative to track who has visited the website? Or have you worked with Google Analytics? Do you recommend me to investigate to make it work?
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  1. Have you used Google Apps Script? You can install the Google Analytics API with a click of a button over there, but I don’t know whether you can integrate with ReplIDE.

i can’t put a custom icon on the tab bar

do a CtrlF5 to clear the cache for favicon.ico


I’m using an iPad :sweat_smile: any other solution?

Advanced Safari Settings > Website Data > Edit

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When I used Google Analytics in the past, I just had to add an element to my webpage (a link of some sort) and it worked. Now, I had to do this for each page of the site but you could automate this with JavaScript if you wanted to. Google detects the different pages in your website based on the webpage title.

For your custom domain, click this and do what it says (this is Replit webview). It requires verification so that’s probably where the error comes from.

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