Hosting online experiment with replit

I am part of a research lab in cognitive neuroscience, and we want to run experiments online and collect data in form of CSV files (for example: a simple memory game with a CSV output of reaction times). We have python and java codes that we were hoping to run through replit, meaning the users have access through a link only to the interactive screen and not to the code itself. is that possible through deployment?

Hi @mayamechaly , welcome to the forums!
Deployments can’t fix this, and it’s the new update: you can’t change it back.
However, try connecting it to a webserver then deploy it as Autoscale.
Hope this helps!

Thank you! I am not sure i understand - is it not possible to deploy the code via link, or is it possible with autoscale?

@mayamechaly Autoscale Deployments are for Web servers and when deployed it should allow you to get a url ( that is on when there is traffic.

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