Hosting error through Deployment

99% Replit Users Are unhappy now due to replit deployment feature. Deployment is Not good at all because they have so many error.

We have suggest you that lock Webview for free users and allow hosting through Webview for core plan users. Hosting through Webview is much stable and faster than Deployment.
Many migrate to another Hosting provider due to poor deployment in Replit.

I request you to Allow Hosting through Webview for core plan users otherwise you lost millions of users.

They aren’t gonna change. Right now Replit is money hungry and now that their coding platform is the most popular right now, they are going to make a leap for money and gonna try to make everyone pay to code. Many people on “Ask Replit” Tried to change this, but it didn’t work. So I say let Replit lose millions of users so they can change on their own.