Host a Discord Bot with Replit Deployments

Im new to Replit deployments, and i used to simply use Uptimerobot to keep my bots alive. However i tried this with the deployment domain, and it didn’t work. Can someone tell me how to properly host a discord bot 24/7 with a deployment?

To deploy bots, it is recommended to use Reserved VM deployment in background worker mode. Deployments are not free.



Also, you have to deploy since repls go to sleep when you leave the editor and cannot be pinged to keep them alive.


so after i deploy what exactly do i do? I use threading and flask to setup a webview, but after that, do i simply use a website monitoring service to monitor the website to keep the bot online?

That’s only if you deploy as autoscale, which would be heavily unreliable. You should be using reserved VM deployments for bots, which just run 24/7 without any kind of pingers.


If you have money and you are not using a school or work account, click “Deploy”. Or if you are like me, either quit or move to another platform (I just quit using Replit for anything public, but Replit is still good for stuff you don’t have to pay for).

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