Homework assignments

How do I find my assignments for my CIS 121 Course?

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I would suggest consulting with your teacher/professor/lecturer/etc. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Have you seen the reports and messages here on Repl.it about their having troubles getting school assignments that are due this Monday to show up?

There are many reports here, but I can’t recall recently having seen any about having trouble with getting school assignments (I do see the one you recently made). I would assume if they are due soon you should talk to the person who assigned them to you so you can get an extension because you’re having difficulties accessing the assignment.

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Are you part of a team on Replit, if so, I would expect that would be where the assignment is. If you need help navigating to your team I’m sure I could help with that :slight_smile:.

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Yeah I clicked on Teams and it showed my class name which is CIS 121, but still had no luck with that

Did you click on the team? I’ve never been in a Team for EDU but that should show you the assignments?

Could you send a screenshot of what you see?

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Thank You! I will try. Not sure how to do screenshots on my laptop. But I’m going to be trying again after I finish this other assignment I’m working on for another class.

I found it finally!! Thank you for all your help!!