History icon doesn't work at all

Problem description:
I cannot go back using history

Expected behavior:
when I click on history icon I can see what I have made since I start and I can fix any issue that I make

Actual behavior:
if doesn’t respond at all

Steps to reproduce:
idk it doesn’t work

Bug appears at this link:
the code page it self there are icon not responding right now

Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank): android
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:
Plan (Free, Replit Core): replit corr

I experienced this on a mac, the history button did not do anything at all.

On some devices, it works. However, history can be so long that replit takes a really long time to load. (I experience this sometimes on my larger files on some of my repls.)
It should probably be better optimized or load only parts of it or lazily load for long file histories.


I’d like to give Incognito Mode a test just to make sure it’s not some browser issue. If the issue persists, any chance you guys could share an example Repl?

It would be good for the team to see them so we can try to optimize. Even if it’s private, feel free to share (either here or email support@replit.com) because with any luck, we might be able to see some logging in the backend.

Here’s an example.
The test.py module in this repl has accumulated a history of just over 40,000 versions/edits.

Trying to open the history will work, eventually, but it takes a long time so the repl freezes and google browser says the page is unresponsive. Takes a minute or few to load the history for me.


Erm these are 2 conflicting statemnts… so does it take a minute or does it freeze? It is not clear here.

To clarify, the repl does freeze but that’s because it is loading. It eventually unfreezes after some time. It’s like any program that’s trying to process a large amount of data.

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I can reproduce the History button not working, I click it and nothing happens, my device doesn’t freeze, nothing. I can continue coding as if nothing happened.

All of my repls do not open version history anymore either. It happened after the UI update where all the buttons became super tiny…!

Thanks @NuclearPasta0 .

@langcampus You mentioned the issue was happening to all your Repls so I checked your Repl VVLang and I was able to see successes upon loading the history of files on it without issue. Can you try testing in Chrome Incognito Mode, another network, or another device? My guess is it might be something specific to your environment.

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@Rmysimple Since you are the original reporter of this bug, I would like to get clarification from you when you get a chance. Maybe using your HuntData Repl, are you able to do a short recording for us showing the issue?

I didn’t see any issues on your account when I checked. I would also recommend testing in Chrome Incognito mode, another device, and another network to help rule out some factors.

I tried all these suggestions I will record a video showing multiple accounts on multiple browser and on the app it self :slightly_smiling_face: but shall I send it here or where ?

Yes, please send it here.

@Rmysimple Is this on a mobile device? I wonder if you are having the same issue here, which we are investigating:

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i cannot upload attachments because I am a new user sadage

not the same but close because I don’t have any issue withspace rather than that it doesn’t even work even in browser

The history button doesn’t work on the app or on the browser either on my phone/tablet. It works fine on my laptop and desktop devices. So I did report that (as mentioned in the other post) to our team and that is what they are looking at.

I think you can probably follow the other post and I’ll make an update once it’s fixed. Then you can verify there if you still have issues.


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