History button problem

I am using replit on mobile application after the update i am not able to click on the history button because they made it too small

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Hey @liteshrikhand!

This is a known problem across multiple devices on the mobile app, desktop, and browser. It is not that it’s to small rather the button doesn’t work. Currently there is not a known fix, https://status.replit.com/ (this problem is not on the status page, but if it shows up you can see it’s progress getting fixed there).

Bruh its a problem before this when it was a long like it was written like history then i was able to click it

I am not sure, but I believe that the button has been gone for a while. I wonder if Replit did this on purpose, or this is an issue.

It’s not that it’s gone (the button shows up), it’s just it doesn’t work when clicked.

That’s weird, it does not show up for me on my IDE.

@CoderShayan go to your file you’re programming in, and go to the bottom right corner you should see a circular arrow.

Oh yeah, thanks! I thought it would be on the top lol.

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Yeah it doesn’t get clicked beacuse it too small now on replit app and not on browser

For me it is small on browser, but I can click it and it doesn’t work.

For me it works on browser but not on phone application