History and Predictive

How do I turn off the history in the console? Also, How do I turn off the ideas and predictions for future code?
Current behavior:
Console has history
Predictive code for several lines.

Desired behavior
No History in the Console only what it currently runs.
Not so much predictive code.

Repl link:

code snippet
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Sadly, you cannot truly achieve this. The only workarounds I know of are either to do this or to clear it.
You can vote on the following topics to change this:

To turn this off, simply go to settings.

  1. Why is your mouse so slow?
  2. Why can’t you click the AI button at the bottom?
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  1. I was making sure my steps were easily visible + thinking it through because I don’t often access that setting.
  2. Thought never occurred to me + knowing how to access master settings is more important.