Historical Events For You Testers Wanted

So I made a project called Historical Events Near You. It uses the Haversine Formula to find the 3 historical events that I have in my little catalog that are closest to you. It also displays how far away you are from it in kms. You will have to let the repl access your location, or you can copy the code into some other editor and let that access your location.
This is hard for me to test myself because I need to make sure it works in different locations. So I would appreciate it if some people could test it from wherever they are (please note that, right now, this will mostly work for people in the U.S. do to my limited catalog). Suggestions and other feedback are also appreciated. Thanks!


Your project works for me. It’s pretty cool!

Thank you! Any suggestions?

The CSS on each page is different, and the first page does not have very good CSS.

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For the first page, it’s supposed to be very minimalistic, kind of like the style of the orginal Google page. I will probably change the css for the other pages though, thanks!