Hii There Replit Community From Irfan

Hii there!! I’m Irfan from India .

I am Cloud Engineer and Network Designer . Founded my company in 2017 we provide solutions for the said expertise.

Now we have added our new subsidiary Wisdom Learning Academy in this we are providing hands on practical for school students, college students, engineering students and industry professionals who wants to refresh the knowledge of programming. It’s just in development stage though.

Here Replit is playing a vital role as I was searching for an platform independent, IDE I came across Replit and My all requirements were fulfilled from single platform I could have never imagined that something like this was available from 2016 and I Didn’t knew it’s kinda funny to be honest!!

Planning Teaching Programming In My Company Along With My Colleagues.

About Me !! I am Adventurous person I like Reading, Watching Series and Movies, Exploring Places With Buddies And Experimenting DIY :rofl: