Hiding solutions

I created solutions for our exercises. They are now all visible to students under their “My Repls” menu. Is there any way to hide these until I want them to see it?

Also, solutions for unpublished projects are also visible.

HI @Graypes thanks for letting us know! Could you tell me a bit more detail? Are these solutions through our solutions tool or just separate Team Projects?

Hi Graypes,

Engineering lead here! I just checked our code and the replit.com/repls/@teamname will show the TEACHER the solutions; however, when students visit replit.com/repls/@teamname, they will not see the solutions because they do not have permissions to that Repl.

If you do find an instance of that, please email me the student’s username immediately and I will personally followup with you: derrick@replit.com

Warm wishes,

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