HideMySRC | SRC Encryption

I made a python-package to encrypt your source code :].


How do you install it? There is no code in the repo.

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pip install hidemysrc.

Do i have permission to attempt to make a un-encrypter?

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yea idrc go ahead also you need the key to decrypt lol, but the key is actually pretty guessable.

Do you need the key? You can easily get the source code by installing it.

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thats cheating don’t do that, now that you mentioned that im about to encrypt the key and encrypt the decrypt code function :skull:.

I never tried tbh but never hurts.

Lol, Here are a few recommendations:

  • Remove all the execs replit dependencies from your project, if you don’t use them why install them on the end-users machine. I always cleanup pyproject.toml of replit stuff before.
  • Compile your code to a python lib so people can’t see the source.
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wym it is compiled is it not?

No, wheel is only a compression, like tar.gz or zip. It gets “unzipped” when you install it. I mean tuning your lib into machine code.

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Machine code :sob: , I’m guessing that’s assembly if so, nooo way I’ve seen asm code it looks so chaotic.

No, i mean compiling your python lib, all you need to do is run commands on python code, no manual ASM needed.

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you should maybe help me do that.