Hide the Shell tab?

For HTML/CSS projects, is it possible to hide the Shell tab by default?


I dont belive there is a way to hide the shell without using external programs.

you could make the shell self-destruct as soon as it starts and block access to the .replit file so that it can’t be bypassed. I don’t know how people use repl for edu, but normally you could do this in a template and make everyone use that template. Run in shell:

sed -i "1ionBoot = \"chmod +rwx /nix/store/fayv2rwr7z7lrw65s7ilwhcvn8jih9iz-replit-bashrc/bashrc;echo 'kill -1 \$$\'>/nix/store/fayv2rwr7z7lrw65s7ilwhcvn8jih9iz-replit-bashrc/bashrc\"" .replit

why exactly do you want to hide the shell though? I assumed this was to stop students using the shell, for any reason. If it was for just hiding the shell from view by default, you could use one of those script executor browser extensions to close the shell when the repl loads up. Something like

javascript: document.querySelector("#main-content > div.css-1ye0645 > div > div.css-5o6owp > div:nth-child(5) > div.css-1iuoeqv > div.css-1wwkige > div > div.os-padding > div > div > div > div:nth-child(2) > div > div > button").click()