Hide packager files

Is it possible to hide the packager files, maybe on a Team by Team basis? My new students to Python don’t need to see/get confused by having packager files visible in the files list on the left of the screen.

Hi @dluther_shs no this is not possible. Have you found this an issue with your students?

Yes, that is an issue I have faced. Disabling notifications on specific Teams would help with this.

In the .replit file you can add them with the hidden attribute, for example hidden = ["poetry.lock", "pyproject.toml", "venv", ".config", "**/__pycache__", "**/.mypy_cache", "**/*.pyc"]

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Thanks @CodingCactus I didn’t know about this!! Genius!!

I mean hiding these by default would help with this.

@CodingCactus thank you for that solution! Gone through and modified a pile of .replit files. Now if only I could set a default for it so they were done by default when a project is made.

You could make a replit with the settings you want and then fork this for all new Repls?