Hide env vars in Multiplayer

Describe your feature request
Add a way to restrict access to environment variables to other people in a multiplayer session.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Having to remove or regenerate tokens because you invited someone to your repl to help with something quickly.


This would also be helpful with bounties when the bounty involved an API that needs a key


Well, inviting users to your REPL is giving them full access, so I don’t see why you would hide them. Like Ethan said; bounties but they can use a seperate server REPL. That’s what i’ve seen with most bounties. Most of the time, they ask you to use your own key.

But, it would be a cool feature to restrict certian permissions from them. In the backend, there is a way to invite a user to a REPL with a read only attribute (applies to private repls) but that’s not really exposed to interface. It would be cool to have a more in depth feature to allow and deny stuff.


you cant deny env vars without denying code editing and execution.


Of course. Ideally it would be more fine-grained like in VSC Liveshare


Yes. In reality however, you would just work on some code and then plug it in with all of your confidential info separately.


I agree that restricting access to env vars in multiplayer would be helpful.

I just made a feature request to add this to the frontend.

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