Hidden files taking a lot of space

Im uploading about 565 MB of data but it hit the 1024MB limit before it finished uploading. And there are a lot of hidden files taking space.

So what do you want to do?

I want the 592823350 bytes of content to be uploaded without all those hidden files taking up space before I can finish uploading. It seems like those hidden files are fragments of the files being uploaded but it takes more space than I am uploading. Iā€™m trying to upload to https://replit.com/@typedesign/old . It went offline multiple times as I was uploading so the temporary files might not have been cleaned up properly. Is there a replit garbage collector or something?

It seems like the only way to bugfix this is to manually run rm .* each time it fills up. And it seems like the uploader goes offline multiple times, and when it goes back online, it restarts each file not already uploaded.

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Hi @265993303 thanks for your message and welcome to the community. It might well be a bug with the upload functionality. Could you please log this with Replit Support by clicking on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl and selecting Report a Bug from the menu?

In the short term the manual process seems to be allowing you upload the files but not sure why the uploader appears to go offline. If you can record a short video of this happening to share with the bug report it would be really helpful. Thank you!

depend what you upload.
if upload elements with dependency, example librarys or packages or until ziped files.

nix automaticaly download nescessary dependecys to /lib /usr/ and /bin/
and take a lot of space