Hidden files being shown

Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but I submitted the following Bug:

“I’m using Replit for Education and noticed today that the hidden files are being shown by default. Students are able to see the hidden folders and files in their FILES list. They can also see the Lesson files that I created when I made the lesson.”

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Hi @tkeenan I also saw this earlier and thought it was my own user error/misunderstanding. However later in the evening the files were hidden again so I think it was a bug that has now been resolved.

Hi @IanAtReplit . I just checked with some of my first class students, and it appears the hidden files are no longer showing. I’ll check with my afternoon students too. The morning students are using HTML,CSS, JS containers, the afternoon students are using Python container. I’ll confirm that the hidden files are not showing there too.

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Nope. I have had this problem consistently. It continues to this day.

It sure is a bug, but it ain’t been killed yet.

Hi @t_rk thank you for your message and welcome to the community.

Can you provide some more details e.g. an example of a Repl that shows hidden files?

I don’t know that any given repl should make a difference — it happens all the time. I even have a test account to see what happens.

I use python — but like I say, what difference it would make I’m not sure.

It’s extremely frustrating. In part because I have been trying to use pytest and want to hide that file.

I have 24 students. Is it hidden for some? Maybe. I can’t go around looking at each one’s.

Hi @t_rk the reason I’m asking for a link is because this is the community and other users might be able to help you solve the issue. I understand that you are finding your issue frustrating, but without any other details the community aren’t able to offer guidance.

You are welcome to report the bug to Replit Support if you haven’t already. I use Python almost every day with my students and (luckily? maybe) haven’t had issues with files not being hidden when I need them to be. All the best.

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It could be something to do with the .replit file in your Repl/s (which is why a link to an example would help). If it isn’t something to do with the .replit file, then it is most likely a bug that should be reported to the Replit team.

These repls are all in my student teams and inaccessible to others

Ah, well, just make sure that in the .replit file you see something like hidden = ["File/folder to hide", "etc"]. If that is there, then I would assume that the hidden files showing is a big. (Also, to be clear, hidden files can always be viewed by clicking ‘Show hidden files’.)

Thanks. I do always note that. In fact, I’ll write a Pytest file and hide that in the .replit file’s list of hidden files but it’ll still show.

There is still some odd behavior with hidden files, especially with Python projects. I’ve just told my students to ignore them. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

I have a separate team where I create all of my projects for the students. I then copy those projects to the student’s team when we’re ready to work on them. This way I don’t destroy the original, and I can reuse it next session.

When I create the initial project, I choose Python and continue with creating the lesson instructions. When I finish, the project looks like this:

Looks normal, right? The Python logo is next to the project name, no hidden files shown (except for the Lesson files, because I’m viewing as the teacher). But other than that, this is what you would expect a student to see. Here’s where it starts to get odd.

When I copy this project to the team for the students, this is what the project looks like:

It no longer has the Python logo next to the project name, it looks like the Bash logo, and all of the hidden files are shown by default. It seems to me that the “Show Hidden Files/Hide Hidden Files” toggle gets set to “Show”. The .replit file even has those files listed to be hidden.

Again, these screenshots are of me viewing as the teacher, but students see the exact same thing except for the Lesson Files.

It is kind of strange behavior, one that I can live with. All of the other features the Replit team has created far outweigh this little bug.

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