Hi, I'm Reykr 🐺

New Intro, Who Dis?

Hello, I’m Reykr. You may have seen me before on Replit. I’ve been on Replit Ask for a while now, but I’ve never actually posted anything here.

I’ve decided that it’s about time to change that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been on Replit for a while now and I know my way around. I’ve mainly been creating text-based games in Python, but I also have some experience with HTML and CSS.

Recently, I’ve also been learning to make games using Godot. My experience with Python has allowed me to pick up GDScript fairly easily and I’ve actually released my first Godot project on Replit / itch.io. It’s pretty basic but eventually, I’d like to be able to make more complicated games for people to enjoy. :video_game:

When I’m not coding, I can sometimes be found reading, drawing, or listening to music.


Thanks for reading my introduction! :smiley:

Some other things you may be interested in:

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