Hi, I'm Matt! (My intro)

Hi, I’m Matt! A lot of you have probably seen me somewhere around here. I’m not new to the forums, I just never took the time to make an intro, so I thought when better than now (better late than never).

I’m 17, and I live in Australia. Programming is my hobby/passion/borderline addiction… but some other things I do include playing tennis and swimming. I love reading, and when I have the time and inspiration, writing. Another thing I love is teaching things (especially programming) to others, and generally helping them. I’m a full-stack NodeJS dev, but I also know a few other languages. A short list of my more well-known languages are Python, C++/# and PHP

I love making all kinds of things! I’m not the most creative person when it comes to ideas, so I prefer to make things that enable other people to bring their ideas to life easier! A great example is the game engine I made (a long time ago), which is something I might revisit in the future to make lots of improvements to. I’d also like to convert the majority of it to C++ so I can compile to WASM which would make it incredibly fast! Two of the cooler Repls I’ve made are this Skeleton Loading Repl, and this semi-interactive animation of The Solar System. My both most well known (7.7k+ forks…), and yet least well known (no one sees the cover page) Repl is my Intro to JS Repl, which won third place in Replit’s 2022 Tutorial Jam and now has it’s place on the Learn page. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to (hopefully) help teach so many people JavaScript!

I’m also a bounty hunter on Replit and (at least I think) I’ve been doing well so far. I’ve managed to complete 24 bounties and have an overall rating of 5.0 stars!

I love helping out here on the community forums!

The community here and on Replit is amazing, and I look forward to spending more time in both places and meeting lots of new people!


noice :ok_hand: “welcome” to community lowly #3, /jk


Welcome to the forums!! It’s so great that so many new people are joining :laughing:


I see what you did there…



Subconcious wit at its finest.


Hello Matt, my name is boiwonder because I view myself as a person who likes to wonder a lot for no particular reason. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi @kevboimartinez , welcome to the forums!
Maybe you’ll like to fill up your own intro in Introductions ?


Hi, nice to meet you Matt.


Howdy! :wave: :smile: Welcome to the forum!