Hi, I'm Abdullah!

Hi! Im new to replit ask! Ive come from the Swordbattle.io forum! Was invited by Qwerty!
I would like a sort of intro to this as it looks a little bit different.

Sorry if there is a wrong tag. It is just that there are so many tags so i just picked general!
Hope to talk to new people!



Welp my name is revealed congrats! Now everbody knows!
Im @Octopi_Cosmos at the sb forum.

Hi @AbdullahKashif7, welcome to the community!

Hope you enjoy your time with us!

there is no chat here? Ok! No problem.

There is, you just need to be active on the forum enough to get Trust Level 3.


Welcome to Ask!

To answer your question, this forum is designed to ensure that users can get support and help from one another and our team, so there’s no chat (except for TL3s and TL4s) to keep the rest of the posts focused and easy to navigate.


welcome to replit ask happy to have ya here but I have a question what is swordbattle.io?

It’s a game made by @CoderGautamYT, a popular Repler. Here is the actual link to the Swordbattle.io forum, and here is the actual link to the game.

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Hey, @AbdullahKashif7, welcome to Replit Ask.


Replit Ask is where you can, as the name suggests, ask about Replit. It’s basically the way to contact people/staff other than the support email. It’s also the place to ask for Code Help, request features, report bugs, or talk generally about coding. There are also other Categories and to get started, I recommend you read the Guidelines/FAQ (IDK what to call it, so I’ll just call it “rules”)
You can ask questions, or help others with questions.


Ha! Nice :D there seems to be a lot of people going back and forth between those two forums.
I’m bread btw

Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the community!

Welcome! Happy to see a Swordbattler here


Whoah the legendary @CoderGautamYT :eyes:

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