Hi, I'm 9pfs! :)

Hi, I’m 9pfs

Some information about me

Replit username @9pfs
GitHub username @hello-smile6
Email hellosmile6@tilde.pink
Website 9pfs.repl.co
Favorite projects replit://9pfs/replit-DeviceInfo, ReplRSS
Favorite programming languages C, JavaScript (not in any particular order)
Favorite open-source license GPLv3
Main social media account @9pfs@tilde.zone

A short summary of me (as I relate to Replit and this forum)

I created my Replit account at 2021-10-05T23:05:18Z, and my Replit Ask account at 2022-12-30T00:21:00Z. I’ve created far too many repls to count without manually using Replit’s GraphQL API, and use replit for nearly everything. I am a ReplIRC admin, and I love setting up random programs on replit (e.g. FreshRSS, which my website actually runs an instance of on port 8099). I created ReplRSS (public instance), which generates RSS feeds for Replit users, a while ago, and I’m slightly proud of it. :slight_smile:

About my original Replit Ask account (why this is @9pfs1, not @9pfs):

Yes, this isn’t my first account. I made my first one before Ask only allowed login using Replit, and subsequently lost access to it when replit login was enforced.
In case you’re curious like me, here’s the first account.

And here’s my current one, for comparison:

If you have any questions, or if you think I missed something, feel free to let me know.

Have you tried begging the mods for your account back?


I would, but it’s fine. I have this account, and that’s enough for me


Please don’t beg the mods…


Was that a good thing to add?


It was a joke btw lol


You can ask the mods to merge you accounts.

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I’d prefer to not have it merged, at least for now.