Hi i need help about uploading

If i use folder named particle it is giving error like this

But if i name it something else
It works!

Is this in any sort of repl?

What do you mean? I am coding something and my code pulls the files from replit but i cant upload folder called “particle”

I made it in python in old it was working finely i think thats a bug of replit

Let me understand. You’re uploading a folder called particle and it fails?
Or are you trying to create a folder called particle and it fails?
Would you be able to share the repl for us to have a look?

I found your Repl and it seems that the particle folder does not have a lot of files. I was able to open the folder inside, and was able to open just fine without any issue though.

I also see that the parent folder has quite a lot of files inside, which may be reason why it is showing the error message.

If this is the first time it has happened, it could be a Replit machine issue. Try typing $ kill 1 in the shell or fork the Repl to see if that fixed the issue.

Create/Upload both doesnt works

Thanks yall for helping i just found a different way to do it tysm!

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