Hi I’m Kyle (smol intro)

Well since I saw quite a few people did this here’s mine (lol).

So Im Kyle. I’m from Hong Kong which is in china, therefore my time is UTC+8 and quite a lot of people should be asleep or having coffee as life support when I’m super energetic.

I seldom give small opinion on people’s question, but I have two ways, one is write an entire book with a bunch of stuff, or just give a few lines, you can find me helping in python code help or replit help.

If I think my code is good enough I will post it here in general showcase, even tho they are very very bad.

Some of you may have seen me giving overcomplicated comment on your questions, I may be online for a long time or not for a long time.

Feel free to find me if you have any problem on python, even I may not be able to help with quite an amount of those questions.

Here’s some of my project btw
The esoteric language COW
The python IDE in python
Number base converter
Minigame of calculation
Morse code converter
The werewolf game


Welcome to the community :D!


yo welcome to the community kyle happy to have ya here ^-^


Nice! I’ve seen ya round before! Great to see other countries getting in on coding :smiley:


Welcome :smile: !
Nice to see some diversity (btw someone should make a poll on where people come from/which languages they speak)