Hi I have created a team how to i move repl to that team

Hi I have created a team how to i move repl to that team

You can do this via the CLUI.

> team transfer-repl
<Repl slug>
<team name (username)>

Wow I didn’t even know that that was possible!


what is a slug
and where can i find it

A slug is essentially just your repl’s name, with spaces replaced with -'s, and certain other characters removed.

You can find it at the end of the Repl’s current URL like so:
Or, if you have a file open:


@Darkoknight If any of these solved your problem, could you set that one as the solution?

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Some characters are replaced, for example | is replaced with or and is replaced with ng.

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SURE i will do that now sorry.


what is the slug for this free robux - Replit

The slug for that repl would be free-robux. Looking into that repl, it seems pretty tame, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it got reported due to its name.

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ok I will change it thanks.

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