Hi, I am arhanansari2009

Hello! You might have seen me around already, but I never made an introduction so here it is. I am a hobbyist programmer,and prefer Python, but also know little js, ReactJs, little Next.Js,HTML,CSS and many other languages.

Things I like to do in my (not) free time:

  • Code
  • Help people here on ask
  • Watch YouTube
  • Play Roblox

Feel free to ask me anything, I am generally friendly!



Hey @arhanansari2009, welcome to the community!


Hei @arhanansari2009 thanks for the intro!


Thank you for it
BTW, I am here from November onwards

welcome to the community

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Welcome to the community!

Welcome! Although it is basically a copy of mine XD, 7 removals and 2 additions (Untitled Diff - Diff Checker)

I did a copy of someone else’s intro when I did mine :skull: I think we all did lol.

EDIT: All the NEW people

Did I? I don’t remember copying anyone else’s, although I thought about it. If you copied, you should give credit, like (credit to @xxx for introduction format)

Lol I thought it was a copy of someone’s, but I was too tired to point it out (it was 2 am)

From your site it is 2am and from my site it is 11:14pm

This message that I have wrote that time 11:14pm is actual time when post this message and this message on 11:38pm