Hey, This topic is not really about a coding advice, But a really interesting bug I would say

So this bug happens to me every time, I have the hacker subscription, But if the bot runs for let’s say 5-6 Hours, It stops working for 3 solid hours sometimes 4 or 5, I press run and just see nothing happening, Yes the code actually works, But it just doesn’t login to the bot, It’s a really weird thing I must say, Anyone got the same thing?

The thing is that, Discord bots Rate limit is just 50 requests per second, My bot doesn’t do that much of course, It’s only on 1 server and it get’s around 2-10 requests per 3 seconds, So I just don’t understand if it’s a replit problem or it’s a discord problem or even a ME Problem :rofl:

It’s a replit problem

Many repls share the same IP address, so if any one of the repls is sending too many requests, then all of the bots with that IP address get rate limited.