Hey Everyone, I'm Misha, a New Moderator!

Hi All,

I’m new to this community and wanted to say hello! I teach CS and Engineering at a private school in San Diego. I’ve been using Teams for Education to facilitate all of my CS classes; doing projects in Java, Python, and HTML…and I absolutely LOVE it, as do my students!

I’m a full-time teacher, but I’ll be around now and then to moderate this forum. I’m looking forward to sharing resources, helping each other use Replit, and chatting about how we can collab to improve CS education for our students.

I’m very excited to connect with y’all in this community!

<3 Misha


Welcome aboard @Misha! :tada:

Welcome to community @Misha :bouquet:

Hi @Misha !! Good to meet you!

So happy to work with you, Misha!