Heroku + Google Cloud Functions vs Replit

I’m currently hosting an n8n.io instance on Heroku and some Google cloud python functions to do some light data transformation. Can replit run all of this under one roof at a comparable price ($5 on Heroku and free under 2M invocations on GCP for the python)? I’m thinking yes but curious to hear from others. My n8n workflows are simple - a few workflows each no more than 20 or so steps are invoked every 15 min or so with HTTP calls. Same with the python cloud functions. Is this a good fit for Replit? I’m slso eyeing the AI copilot, multiplayer features, and cloud IDE. Thx

Good afternoon @complex0 from the East Coast of America,
If you are talking about pricing, then more information about your project is required for us to assist you. If you are not currently comfortable with sharing such information, you can visit https://replit.com/pricing to perform a self-analysis on pricing and computing power.

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