Here are some bugs that i encountered

Problem description:

  1. Pyrogram library got error KeyError: 0. Some one tell me that is the problem with network
  2. Cannot folk my team repl to personal account. It just create a clone in that team instead of folk to my account

Expected behavior:
Fix bug

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

Android phone, chrome, mobile app

I am pretty sure you don’t understand the purpose of a “fork” (which is what I am translating folk to). It is meant to copy, not transfer.


You’re TL4, can’t you edit the post and change folk to fork?

Yes, but I need to ensure that is what they mean.

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They probably changed owner when forking the Repl.


My bad. But i dont know how to edit my post and i know fork is copy. My problem happen with friend team

You should change the tag back because this is real bugs or tell me a better way to report bugs to Replit

Can you show a video of you forking? You have to switch to your personal account and then go to the team repl and click “fork”

Seems entirely like a code errors. Key errors usually have nothing to do with the network.

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For KeyError, it happen with even a simple code that use pyrogram lib. Seem it happens with all telegram lib that use mtproto, at least for python

See if this post is related to that question


Exactly that error

Try some of the fixes listed in that topic then.


I uploaded the videos about fork error here

Next time, please upload the videos on the forum, but I will still watch them on the repl.

Edit: From the video, it seems like you are not successfully changing the owner from the team to yourself. Try forking it on a computer or refresh & clear cache + make sure you are clicking and it responds

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Same, this error only happen with free team. Can you try it and tell me if you not meet that error?