Help with Threading for Chat CLI

I’m new to therading btw:
How can I make the threading in this code better? I want to make the inputs not get erased on refresh but still be there when enter is pressed. I also want the refreshing to happen only when a new message is added and I dont want refreshing to lag. Also feel free to tell me if there is any other way to make the code better.
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import os
import time
import threading
from replit import db

db.db_url =""

user = os.environ["REPL_OWNER"]
if user in ("MiloCat", "ItsRaphael"):
    checkmark = "✓"
    checkmark = ""
print("[1] Chat\n[2] Leave")
start = input("")

def update_chat():
    while True:
        last_x_messages = db["messages"][-10:] # Only prints the last 10 messages
        print(*last_x_messages, sep='\n')
        print("\033c", flush=True, end="")

if start == "2":
    thread = threading.Thread(target=update_chat)
    while True:
        mess = input(f"{checkmark}{user}: ")
        message = f"{checkmark}{user}: {mess}"


Solved by @MNA41, his post was removed on here :confused: so we had to talk through disc and I can’t mark his post as solution

You’ve just leaked your/a database url, you might want to keep that secret. You should be using os.environ["REPLIT_DB_URL"]. If you’re accessing the db from another Repl, keep in mind I believe the URL is not persistent, I believe it potentially changes on reboot, otherwise possibly at some other time.

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I believe the url changes every few days. The reason why I didn’t put it as an env variable is that then it can’t be used.

What stops you from using it?

Ima encrypt it once i’m done, I just havn’t added that yet

You can’t do that. why though? because that’s how the replit terminal works.

When a user runs a text-based/vnc based repl, replit will fork it. (

Say we have 2 users, user1 and user2. user1 say “hi!”. however, user2 won’t notice that user1 did say “hi”. why? because they each have different db urls.

Maybe this guide could help : An Intro to Threading in Python – Real Python

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