Help with some games

I would like to create some HTML games, and maybe some godot games. If you would like to join me, then go here:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not active at all, I will remove you to save member space, as I can only have 10 members.

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Not a join link (well you shouldn’t put join links here anyway), so how can we join it?

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Oh whoops lol meant to send a join link lololol

I think a moderator removed it actually, because everytime I put a join link, it tells me to wait for approval.

Join if you have some experience with godot.

Yeah, they did remove the link. So, you will just have to suggest in this post to join, and then I will invite you.

Can I join your team?

Sure, if you have experience with godot and will use godot 3.4(sorry for being late)

Is Godot a language in Replit? If it’s an app, how do I download it?

No, it’s a game engine.

Download it from If you are on mobile, then you aren’t able to get it. You can still join my team, as I might make some JavaScript games soon.

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Also, if you can download it, download 3.4. Also you need some experience to join, so I recommend you find some tutorials first. I don’t get to many replies, so you should be able to still join my team after you have some experience.

I’ll add you even if you don’t use godot. I’m about to be working on a next.js project now.