Help with Python Flask/HTML

Why does this seem not to be working? It keeps saying it can not be found and I’m really not sure what’s

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Add this line to the bottom of your file:"", 80)

And move your css and js into a folder called static.

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No im sorry it still doesnt seem to be working

Have you rerun the program?


yeah i have im really not sure whats wrong

This should be:'', port=81)

IDK if the port number matters, but I copied this off of one of my Repls that works.

Port 80 works the best, because it’s the “official” port for HTTP.


I will change that in my Repl. Thank you.

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You don’t need to do that. The first two parameters are host and port, so you don’t need to specify.

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I still have no idea how to fix lol

Ah, here’s the problem. I found your Repl. You used the HTML, CSS, JS template. Instead, use the Python template (or the Flask template).


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It all works now


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