Help with Mineflayer and API's

Can someone help me create a Mineflayer bot using the EasyMC API to log in? I want to be able to make a Mineflayer bot that can join servers using EasyMC alt tokens.

Hi @jarbinks643e7 , welcome to the forums!
This is quite a task, so consider making a Bounty for this.
Hope this helps!

Thanks, how do I make a Bounty? I am new to Replit and don’t know how to do that sorry.

You can click on the link above in blue, and create one from there.
Developers can apply to the Bounty and you can pick the one that fits best based on their application.

The link above you sent that says “Bounty” does nothing when I click on it

Good catch - I’ve fixed the link. You can click it now.

I might not do it because I don’t want to pay someone I am just looking for some help making it for free.

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On that case, would you like this to be in Collaborations so community members can help, with mo fee?
I can help you change it.

Sure! Thanks. Sorry about taking any a day to reply.

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