Help with installing ChatterBot

Using ChatterBot python lib
So I was trying to create a chatbot with the ChatterBot python library.
When doing pip install chatterbot an error happens and the lib is not installed. How can I fix this?

@bigminiboss can you check this out pls?

idk what to do Milo XD

Try using the built in package manager?

doesn’t work XD idk it might have some weird dependencies

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Since pip was already mentioned, I tried poetry. Definitely a dependency error:
However, now I’m stuck installing wasabi at 99-100% vCPU and it just stays that way. There were a lot of dependencies for the chatterbot library.

Perhaps this is a lost cause:

Ok, I’ve found the reason: essentially there’s not enough space to store a certain module that chatterbot uses, so basically you have to pay for more space

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that sucks :frowning:
ig i’ll only use chatterbot_corpus
But isn’t there not any way to upgrade storage (yet)

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there is, it’s the same thing that upgrades CPU

Oh but idk if I wanna spend my cycles on that :0 I might use only chatterbot_corpus

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