Help with Images not showing up

Images seem to not be appearing even with AI support.

<section id="images"><img src="IMG_FreddyFazbear.png" width=50% align="right"></section>

The image is literally just Freddy fazbear, inserted via file from my iPad

Could you try changing the name of the file, and then changing it back @jasecrowe?


I forgot to give an answer, I forgot i made this. Figured out the issue: It was the image itself
Edit:Sorry for not responding quicker, I wasn’t on forums for the time being lol


Yeah, just remember when naming files that you are using in your code, to be precise and not use any thing but letters or numbers, adding spaces can cause errors in your code and certain symbols may be used by the language for other things like ampersands. Good luck and Hope your website turns out great! :+1:

It wasn’t the image name or anything that was correct, the issue was what i was using. I was using an image link not a file to use images and the link doesn’t allow it to show up on replit, not sure why

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