Help With Ideas

I need help coming up with ideas for things, can you help me? I am asking for your help to make something! Give me an idea and I’ll try to make it (preferably possible in Python 3). When I publish it I will add your name as a contributer. Go on and think!

If that doesn’t help, what I like to do is that whenever I learn something new, I create an app to implement it.

Here’s some stuff you could create:

  • A semi-multiplayer text game powered by an API (I can help you)
  • A multiplayer game using Socket.IO
  • And more! The possibilities are infinite.

The idea generator doesn’t work. The semi-multiplayer game sounds cool though.

I’m not creative so I asked Hail-GPT (don’t ask) and note that I looked over everything.

  1. Password Manager: Create a password manager that generates and stores unique passwords for different accounts. The user should be able to retrieve passwords by entering the account name.
  2. Weather Application: Create an application that accesses live weather data from a public API and displays the temperature, humidity, and other details for a user-specified location.
  3. Budget Planner: Develop an application that helps users plan their monthly budget by tracking their income and expenses. The user can add, edit, and delete transactions, and the application should display the total amount spent, remaining balance, and summaries of the user’s spending.

These are pretty hard (imo) but they are really useful. I cut out some of the “less useful” ideas.

edit: gremmer


A horror game where you have to explore many football stadiums and escape while finding horrible secrets about the football club.
Multiple endings.

Password Saver : I did the first one, that one is probably going to be the easiest of the bunch.

Extremely realistic and overly manual living simulator