Help with Favicon (not working)

My favicon is not working for my website.


I have tried sizing (16x16, 32x32), ico, png, jpeg files, different ways of linking it in the header, and it still won’t work. Help?

Works for me, try clearing cache I guess.

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Same, the favicon displays fine for me…

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No thank you :neutral_face:

What device are you guys using?

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Windows PC, Chrome, and just now Android, Chrome. What browser are you using?

IOS… the only one not listed. (Honestly, IOS has been failing fav icons recently, I’ll open Replit and it will have YouTube’s, I’ll open GitHub and it will have Replits OLD logo, and many more.

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It shouldn’t be the OS, it should be the browser. Do you use Safari? Chrome? Another?

Safari. That’s what I meant.

Try clearing cache as @pro0grammer said, that might fix the icons loading in the wrong places.

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Alright. I’ll do it, RIP to all my logins.


Depending on your browser, you might be able to just clear images and files, I know you can in Chrome:

Usually you can just clear a single domain, you don’t have to clear the whole computer

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Safari begs to difer. Ill look.

Well at least safari on iOS has that

Yeah you should be able to just clear your cache without clearing your cookies


It works for me too. Clearing the cache won’t hurt anything; it’s the data you don’t want to clear. On Chrome and Firefox, just use Ctrl F5 to refresh the page and clear the cache.
Your favocon working just fine

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In order to clear your cache in a website, go to Settings App > Safari > Advanced > Website Data and search for your website. After that, click the edit button and remove the website (which deletes all cache linked to that website). It should work after that.

If the problem still persists, load it on a new tab, restart Safari or your device.