Help with editing specific parts of files/deleting parts or doing realistic actions (like highlighting text) using ot or goval, or whatever I should use

I was wondering how I could do actions like highlight text, edit specific text, and delete specific text using goval/ot or whatever.
I know that I have already posted something similar to this but I wanted to use crosis4furrets in the first one, but I have now realized that you cannot do that with crosis4furrets.

I would make a bounty for this, but i’m poor and only have 179 cycles xD

See the problem is you can only ask these people to help you:

  1. me
  2. pika
  3. mods (way too busy)
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Perhaps we need more mods if they are way too busy. I’m not suggesting myself (I am neither qualified nor want that commitment), but somebody.


Yeah but tbh it’s more like the people who become mods are on the high horse and don’t feel like collabing especially since most of the time they’re already experienced devs who only collab with people they know personally

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Can you help me pls… pika said I need to pay him 1000 cycles for him to help xD

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I meant you are even allowed to talk about it, I don’t know JS well enough

That rich, guess how many I have, a big fat 0 XD

Edit: Coincidentally I just got tipped 1k so now I have 900

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not-ethan with like 12.5k or smth

@not-ethan i want some lol

We’re these raised by all the prisoners in your basement?

Wow lucky! All my cycles were given to me by @bigminiboss xD