Help with determining number of Reserved VM for 3 Discord botsd


I’d like to deploy 3 repls that are actually a Discord bot each. For the sake of completion, 2 of those repls (Discord bots) are just price ticker updating the price of a certain crypto pair every minute via API. The third repl (the last Discord bot) is monitoring an NFT marketplace, and publishing listings, sales, etc of certain collections. All 3 bots run on the same Discord server.

Now, my question is: if I wanna deploy all 3 bots (repls), can I just purchase one Reserved VM and run all 3 repls on it, or do I need to purchase 3 Reserved VMs? I understand this might have to be with how much resources every repl might need, so any hint or tip you can give me in order for me to determine if I need 1 or 3 Reserved VMs would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Hi @Bizarrebra , welcome back!
Deployments are repl-wide, and cannot be shared among repls.
Hence, you’ll need to get a Reserved VM Deployment for each repl.
Hope this helps!

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