Help with Console


My console is going really fuzzy, unlike before, where it wasn’t fuzzy at all. My friend pressed a bunch of random buttons on my keyboard, is there a way to reverse this?


I also can’t paste things anymore. I used to be able to doublefinger click and I could paste

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Are you on PC or mobile? If you’re on a PC, try Ctrl + 0 to reset the zoom. Note that you’ll have to be clicked anywhere on that tab EXCEPT the console for that to work. Have you tried refreshing your page?

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I’ve tried refreshing, but ill try to do ctrl 0

Yes it works now, but I can’t paste still

O wait I can paste, but the text is still quite fuzzy

when i view cover page, the console isn’t fuzzy anymore

What method are you using to paste? Are you using Ctrl + Shift + V?

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