Help with connecting MongoDB to a repl

How do I connect a mongo db to my repl?
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Hey there! you could use pymongo

i cant figure out how ot tho…

Where is your mongodb hosted? If hosting on replit the nixpkg is pkgs.mongodb

it is hosted on atlas, but if I could it would be nice to host it on replit (python)

You can connect from python but you cannot host it on python…
Anyways, what issues are you having with pymongo?

I can’t figure out how to connect the database :confused:
If you want I can invite you to a repl/you can invite me to one

Does atlas give you a url and port? FYI: I do not know pymongo or mongo db, just helping off my python knowledge.

Edit: Take a look at this: Using PyMongo with MongoDB Atlas — PyMongo 4.3.3 documentation

yea it gives me a string to link it but idk, i can’t get it to work

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Errors? Exceptions? I need more information.

I think I might have got something to work, but i’ll post problems here if I find one

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