Help window closes when scrolling

Problem description

When I try to use the help button to request help, the help window is off the screen vertically. I click the side scroll bar and scroll down to see the rest of the help feedback window and the window closes because I have changed focus to the scroll bar.

Expected behavior

The help feedback window should remain open while using the scrollbar.

Actual behavior

Closes the help feedback window when using the scrollbar.

Steps to reproduce

Go to Replit on a smaller laptop like the Lenovo T470 and click the question mark button ? at the top of the screen. Choose “I have an account issue” and “Other”, the window will be beyond the vertical height of the screen. Scrolling down to see the rest of the window will close the window.




Windows 11

Device if mobile




Please upload screenshots

Hi @dahdav77717 , welcome to the forums!
What about scrolling with a scroll wheel/2 fingers on the touchpad?