Help wanted with my OS projrect

I am asking anyone that sees this post if you would like to help me build a OS that im designing? If you are capable of programming in C then you should be able to help me. Its simple realy. I already made commands to use and im already busy with the shell. If you are interested please respond to this post by showing me an example that shows me if you are suited for the project. Keep in mind that no one will be paid.

Is it an OS or a shell? I am also moving this to #general:collaborations as it is better fit to this topic


Looks like a shell to me.

My apollagies, i wasnt describing it properly.
I am already working on a shell for a operating system, and it uses a scripting language simalar to bash, but it is a instante runner. Meaning that you would right the commands within the shell, like Linux commands.
But i want to know if anyone will be able to help me with the rest of the OS.
I already have a solid structure for the OS, and its all written in C, including the Shell.
The file at the moment has over 200 lines but its nothing to crazy.
So would you want to first see where im at now or start of fresh?
That is the wuestion.

Also sorry for the typo’s