HELP: Using pygame template behind school district firewall

Hey Folks,
Has anyone had any luck using the Pygame template behind a school district firewall? I am a high school teacher and I’m going to meet with my district tech folks. When I try to use the pygame template, I just get a generic error message in the console. The same is true for Python-CMUGraphics template.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

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Do you mean the school district firewall as in the firewall that prevents users from accessing blocked and inappropriate sites, or do you mean the firewalled Replit version? I’m guessing it might be a bug with Replit. I believe something similar has happened before, but I’m not sure; it could be an issue with your district’s firewall that might be interfering with the pygame graphics on Replit.

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I think so.




The Webview and Output tabs use the domain, so if that domain is blocked, your Output will stop working


I cannot get either replit or firewalledreplit to work behind my school firewall. I would like for my computer programming students to be able to write code using Pygame and/or Python-CMUGraphics templates. I’ve had students try both domains mentioned above with no luck. They keep getting a message like, “Cannot connect to serve,” instead of graphics being displayed.

Well, I definitely want to use the Output tab, so I’ll ask the district tech folks to whitelist

Is it or ?

Depends, are you using normal Replit or Firewalled Replit? For normal Replit, For Firewalled Replit,


specifically, you want to whitelist *--<edu team username>

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I’m not sure what means. I just want individual students to have access to Pygame. could we just whitelist * ?

I’ve had a similar issue on
I noticed that (which is used for the output) was not found, the name could not be resolved. Other devices worked fine for that domain, redirecting to (which still always works).

I tried a few things and don’t know if it did anything, but I think I fixed the problem by running the program, then while the program was running, clicking the Try again button. It connected.


Thank you all for your input. You made me realize that I can get more info by clicking on Diagnose. When I did, replit told me to click on the following link to see if it works:

Clicking on that link came up with an error that looked like it might be because of the firewall. So, should I have the district folks whitelist * or * or * or do something else?

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The “Diagnose” link is for the output domain, not the output domain. Most districts block the former, but the latter is supposed to work.
Try going to and seeing the error, as this domain provides the output if I recall correctly. should still work.

I tried my fix again and it does work, though the firewalledreplit domain still has an error.
(Run the program, wait a bit, then hit Try again button while it is running.)


My student was using when this came up in the output window:

Thank you again for the advice. When I have my student try to go to we are told that the site is categorized as a security proxy. When I have him go to, we are told that the site is categorized as a security proxy.

Then ask your IT department to unblock *

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So, I just got done speaking with my district IT folks. They say that they are concerned that students could use the Output window as a proxy server. They are going to work with me and replit, to try to figure out a way to get output to work without risking a security breach from students.

You can tell them that the whole point of is to allow people to use replit without fear of using proxies, by blocking internet access.
Show them the article:

  1. use firewalled replit (which i am assuming u are)
  2. click try again

I got the same thing as you and js clicking try again fixes it

  1. if none of those work ditch replit and use vscode or smth

nevermind i just now read everything lol