Help to find friends on replit

How to find my friends on replit?

Hi @6285Tanishq , welcome to the forums! What do you mean by ‘friends’?

@6285Tanishq If you are referring to Teams with your friends, you can find them under the ‘Teams’ page on Replit.
Hope this helps!

I probably sure they mean collbaorators; or just friends in general. (not to get confused with the General tag)

@6285Tanishq To find collaborators in your repl go to the Tools section at the bottom-left corner of your repl, and see the ‘Multiplayers’ tab. You can see who you’ve invited to your repl there.

Wait now I know what @6285Tanishq is talking about. He has some friends, and he wants to find them in Replit.

@6285Tanishq You can find your friends on Replit by asking them their Replit usernames.

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@6285Tanishq From what @SnakeyKing said, search their username in the Search bar of Replit.

Or you can go to<your friend's username> . Note that <your friend's username is a placeholder.